Training Programmes

We conduct Training Programmes for all levels of employees

Team Building Skills

Team spirit is the bed rock of an organization. Without team spirit among the employees, [...]

Communication Skills

Communication is a very essential skill to be developed by the employees. Many of the [...]

Presentation Skills

An individual’s thoughts may be very clear and qualitatively superior, but, if he cannot present [...]

Time Management

Time is the most important, yet a very elusive resource. This unique Training Programme has [...]

Leadership Skills

The executives should possess exemplary leadership skills. They need to drive the various initiatives with [...]

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills is of great importance to achieve success in profession, (in particular) and life, [...]

Supervisory Development

Supervisors are a vital link between the top management and workers/operators. On one hand, they [...]

People Management Skills

People are the biggest asset of an organization. It is the people who create, drive [...]

Work Effectiveness

The workers should be charged with a great deal of motivation and enthusiasm. They need [...]

Managerial Effectiveness

Being ‘Effective’ is to produce results. Today, the responsibility of every employee is all about [...]

7 QC Tools

What are the Seven Tools of Quality ? Understanding the 7 Tools Case Studies on [...]

5s principles of House

Implementing 5s principles of House Keeping at workplace ensures systematic and organized working thereby enhancing [...]

Ethics & Values

Developing honesty, integrity, truthfulness and open mindedness Inculcating higher values of life Giving more importance [...]

Personality Development

The employees should develop the various facets of their personality i.e. physical, mental, intellectual and [...]

Facing the Audits

This training programme aims to enable the participants to face the various audits confidently and [...]

Train the Trainers

The Internal Trainers should have excellent Training Skills. They should be very good in preparation [...]

Change Management

If there is anything constant in the world, it is ‘Change’. An employee needs to [...]

Stress Management

Stress is a major reason for decreased performance and also for a number of diseases. [...]

Finance Management

One of the major concerns for employees is their Financial Planning. They need to manage [...]

Written Communication

Written Communication is a reflection of one’s personality. If the written communication is not clear [...]

Spoken English

Speaking English is no longer a luxury to be enjoyed by a few people in [...]

Corporate Etiquette

Humans are social beings. Hence, they should learn how to behave and conduct themselves with [...]


Creativity is an important trait to be developed by an employee to offer improvements in [...]

Positive Attitude

The performance of an employee depends on his/her attitude and motivation level. He/She needs to [...]

Building Positive Work Culture

It is very important to build excellent work culture in organizations. Positive work culture of [...]

Effective Marketing/Selling Skills

Sales process – approaching customers, generating interest, furnishing the details of products/services and closing the [...]