Opinions On Our Training Programmes

Opinions of our clients

“…Mr. Aswath is an excellent person who can present any complex subject into the brains with ultimate simplicity. An excellent trainer and a very good personality…”
Mr. Sriram Satish
Director-Global Supply Chain (Asia pacific) Flowserve Corporation
“…Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah is a thought leader and a highly resourceful person…”
– Mr. Kovaichelvan
Sr. VP, HR TVS Motor Company Ltd.
“…You have been a great guiding force in the upbringing of people and society through your powerful training which I have attended and I describe it as 3 I’s: Interesting, Innovative, Interactive. Your training sessions will definitely help in building society and, in turn, the nation…”
– Mr. Biligiri S.G.
Director – Technical Jagdale Industries Ltd.
“…Having been associated with Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah for nearly 35 years now, I believe he is my mentor and guide. He has added great value to my personally and to my team. He has a great ability to quickly let the trainee into his personal space, thus making the whole process a walk over. Training is the first step to change and I believe Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah is a great boon to society at large…”
– Mr. Harish
Head, Otto Bilz (India) Pvt. Ltd.
“…I have the privilege to work with Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah for more than two decades. He has done many programmes for Associates in organizations that I have been associated in the last many years. His programmes have always made a lasting positive impact personally and professionally to the Associates who have gone through his sessions…”
– Mr. D. A. Jayakumar
Zonal Head-HR Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd.
“…Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah is a name I heard well before I even began working with him, mainly due to the impact he has created on many employees he trained at 3M. His sessions changed the lives of our employees both personally and professionally. Mr.Aswatha Ramaiah’s dedication to his profession and his high work ethics make one aspire for that level of professionalism…”
– Mr. Antonio Justin Antony
HR 3M India Ltd.
“…We cannot measure the depth of the ocean and your depth of understanding human beings…”
– Mr. Lakshmi Narasimha
Managing Director, Noble seeds Pvt. Ltd. India
“…Thank you for your inspiring training programme for our senior employees and you delivered suggestions and practices that spark our work environment and liven up the day. We enjoyed your underlying messages of supporting each other in a team environment and recognizing others for their contributions…”
– Mr. Raju Gujare
Associate Vice President- Global Operations & Technical Services Micro Labs Ltd.
“…The uniqueness of your training is its simplicity, yet so deep in-both width and breadth, reachable cutting across all categories. Customization of programme to the individual requirement is yet another exclusivity…”
– Mr. Nagabhushan K
DGM-Human Resource Bosch Ltd.
“…You are such a wonderful person. You have vast knowledge in all the areas of training including Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama. Only you can train all categories of people i.e. a child, husband & wife and also CEOs. You are not a person who only teaches / preaches. You will practice and then you will teach others. Really remarkable…”
– Mr. Ganapati N.S
HR Manager Ajax Fiori Engineering (I) Pvt. Ltd.
“…You are outstanding. You can customize Programs to suit the organization’s needs. You also keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the area of Training and in developing Training skills. Your programs are innovative and interactive. You are always willing to listen and resolve issues then and there irrespective of the time taken. You are willing to comply with the needs of the participants while working within the frame work of the organization…”
– Mr. Mohan Kolar
Vice President – HR Jagadale Inds. Ltd.
“…I am associated with Mr. Aswath for more than a decade. I can only say he has exceptional training skills with proven track record. I strongly believe investing on his training will result in improvement in productivity. It is Unique opportunity to build happy working environment…”
– Mr. Sachindranath Udupa
Operation Director Quenby Transfers India Pvt. Ltd.
“…The programmes conducted by Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah are always current, lively and practice oriented. We could see visible results from the participants of our company in realizing the techniques imparted in the training programmes…”
– Mr. Nagaraja
Head HR Bilz Tools Pvt. Ltd.
“…My experience of partnering with Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah and his team is that they put their fullest efforts in bringing up uniqueness of each individual who participates in the program to excel in their domain and, on other hand, he motivates management to keep up the same enthusiasm to make use of the benefits from those potential individuals…”
– Mr. Ranganatha
“…It’s my pleasure to express a few lines about a great personality, My learning with Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah is more than 25 years. He has the art of educating people in a unique manner through development of human Potential by inspiring individuals. His method of educating will bring the culture of ‘DNA change’ to improve the Quality of Life…”
– Mr. Ravi K Vasudev
COO-Business Head Track Components Ltd.
“…Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah has pioneered the art of quickly grasping factory situation and develop comprehensive interventions (not mere training programs). He was instrumental in steering one such key initiative ‘Towards Progress’ in one of our factories which was heading for a major expansion. This was a holistic and well integrated approach to prepare the entire factory team to face the challenges. This model was effectively co – created through the phases of needs analysis, design, development, delivery and impact measurement with active involvement Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah…”
Mr. Shivaprasad
AGM-Education and Training TVS Motor Company Ltd.
“…I would frankly say that I had associated with a new trainer or a training institute every time I conducted external training to our employees but, after attending your training session, we stopped searching for new Trainer/Institute. Like we cannot measure the depth of an ocean, same way it’s impossible to measure your knowledge, intelligence of understanding human beings etc. It’s my pleasure associating with you…”
Mr. Ravi Kumar .C
Neo Foods Pvt. Ltd.
“…Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah is an excellent orator with versatile personality, and also a valuable gift to all sections of people. He is an excellent guide to every one in every sphere of activity at any age or stage of life. He can customize the programmes as required by organizations and we are sure that his programmes will definitely meet the organization’s needs…”
Mr. Siddeswara L H
Head-HR & Admin. Proseal Closures Ltd.