Post Training Assessment

Post Training Implementation

In order to get the Return On Investment (ROI) on the Training Programme, it is very important that the participants implement the various concepts and points learnt by them in the Training Programme. To ensure this:

  1. We will install an App in the Smart Phone of the participants and will flash the questions pertaining to the learnings in the Training Programme conducted by us in this App. (2-3 objective type of questions will be flashed every week)
  2. The participant needs to answer the questions on the Smart Phone. If the answer is incorrect, he/she is prompted in the phone to revise the answer. Upon receipt of the correct answer, a snippet with details on the correct answer will be flashed in his/her Mobile Phone.
  3. A few questions will be formulated to enable the participant to assess himself/herself about the level to which he/she has implemented the concepts learnt in the Training Programme.
  4. We will flash in it the Questions and Answers for a period of 2 months (after conducting the Training Programme) by when the participants would have got habituated in implementing the concepts.

Benefits on the Training Programme conducted.

The above mechanism will serve the purpose of educating and refreshing the learnings and also to self assess the implementation. Hence, this exercise will ensure Return on Investment (ROI) on the Training Programme.