Assessment Center

Assessment center

We conduct Assessment Center in which we conduct Psychological Tests for the employees on various traits like Leadership, Team Spirit, Interpersonal Skills, Creativity, Result-orientedness, etc. We will provide a report giving the current competency level of the employee on these traits to assess the gap between the expected level and the existing (current) level. This gap can be bridged by training, mentoring and coaching the employees. Such Assessment Centers can also gauge whether the employee is suitable for getting elevated to higher positions in the management cadres. The tests administrated will be very scientific, objective and time tested and, hence, will be very precise and accurate.

Few words from our clients

“…M/s. Unique Consultants, Bangalore have from the last 4 years, been conducting Assessment of our executives on various traits like Leadership, Communication,Presentation skills, Team skills, Decision making, Problem solving etc. based on simulation exercises, interviews, questionnaires, role plays,etc. Their assessment techniques and suggestions for improvement are very effective, practical and scientific.  We found their assessment to be very useful for us to identify and improve the behavioral attributes of our executives.  We would like to appreciate their vast knowledge, experience and expertise in conducting Assessment Centers and their commitment and dedication in the assessment process…”

– Marico Ltd.

“…We have been using the services of M/s. Unique Consultants, Bangalore for psychological and attitude tests for recruiting technical tranees.  The test provides an insight into unmanifest areas particularly candidate’s values, beliefs and attitude which are essential in understanding the overall personality.  We appreciate M/s Unique consultants contribution in recruitment process and value their association…”

– Vikrant Tyres Ltd.

“…M/s Unique Consultants, Bengaluru have conducted Assessment Centre to approx. 200 of our employees.  They have, with the help of very scientific and logical tools and exercises, assessed our employees on various parameters like communication skills, team working skills, planning, time management, taking initiative, positive attitude, self motivation, analytical thinking, creativity etc.

They have conducted assessment with exemplary competence, commitment and dedication. We could observe that lot of thinking and analysis has gone into their exercise.  The inputs they have regarding assement of employees will be very useful for us to take crucial management decisions.  They have not only conducted assessment of our employees, also installed a system in our organisation to assess the candidates for employment.  This is another testmony of willingness of M/s. Unique Consultants to render their customers a great and unique service…”

– Reitzel India Pvt. Ltd.

“…We are happy to place on the record that the psychological test designed by you are very much useful and you have done it on a scientific basis. With the help of these tests, we are able to identify candidates for our requirements.  These tests are very helpful and we strongly recommend for any company to introduce these type of tests to identify qualities like leadership, communication, team work, time management, emotional intelligence, integrity etc.”

– Suraj Diamonds & Jewellery Ltd.

“They have conducted Psychometric Tests and Assessment for our employees to identify the skill gaps and interventions to bridge this gap to enhance the  employees’ performance. We sincerely appreciate the commitment, competence and professionalism of M/s. Unique Consultants…”

– Micro Labs Ltd.