Dance Dramas

Dance Dramas

We conduct, choreograph and perform Dance Dramas on the Vision, Mission, Values of the organization and on other topics like Team Work, Quality, Safety, Personality Development, Motivation, Positive Attitude, Creativity, etc. These Dance Dramas can be performed in your company in the events like Annual Day, Family Day, Founders Day, Safety Day, Customer/Vendor Meets, Product Launch etc. They can also be broadcast in your Canteen, Company Buses (if any), Reception Area, etc. As the theme will be narrated through the medium of art (i.e. dance), it will be very appealing, effective and entertaining too.

Our Dance Dramas will be a visual treat and a musical extravanza with very innovative choreography performed by professional artists with very impactful sound and lighting.

Opinions of our clients

“…The dance ballet was very well received by the audience. They found it to have excellent educative and entertaining value. Lot of serious and original thinking has gone in conceiving and co-ordinating the ballet. The choreography and technical values were of a very high order. Their commitment and dedication in work were very evident as the ballet unfolded on the stage. Their troupe has done a very good job of driving home the complex points in an effective, thought-provoking yet humorous manner …”

– Kirloskar Toyota Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltd.

“…The ballet was beautifully conceived. The element of drama, the narration and the contents were highly appreciated by our employees. The choreography was very imaginative and the enactment of dances was a visual treat…”

– Kamla Dials & Devices Limited

“…Your assistance, guidance and involvement in helping us conduct our Annual Day Celebrations (Dance Drama, Skits, etc.,) are much appreciated. The enthusiastic involvement of the faculty went a long way in making the programme a success…”

– Reitzel India Pvt Ltd

“…The Dance Drama was watched by more than 300 employees drawn from various prestigious organizations.  Ms. Padma Hemanth has choreographed the dances very imaginatively which were performed by very competent dancers. The theme, the performances, music and technical values captivated and enthralled the audience throughout the programme.  The participants, for Overall Effectiveness and Impact of the programme, have given an Average Rating of 9.1 on 0-10 scale (0: Lowest; 10: Highest).  This is a testimony of the quality of the programme.  We strongly recommend to the organizations to utilize the great expertise, vast experience and the exemplary commitment and organize many more dance events.  We express our sincere appreciation and best wishes to M/s. Unique Consultants…”

– Bangalore Management Association

“…The Dance Drama choreographed and performed by M/s. Unique Consultants for our event was spectacular. Their choreography was very remarkable and innovative. The Dance Drama had very attractive theme and graceful movements of the artists with lilting music captivated the audience.

The Dance Drama enthralled the audience and transported them to an exotic and different world. The profound concepts, meticulous planning and the passion of M/s. Unique Consultants (to create a memorable Dance Ballet) was evident throughout the performance.

We sincerely recommend to all organizations to utilize the incredible commitment and competence of M/s. Unique Consultants in creating fantastic Dance Dramas to delight the audience…”

– Rotary District 3190

“…The Dance, Drama and Skits on ‘Pleasure of Work’ conducted by M/s. Unique Consultants was extremely well received by the participants. The event has, in a very entertaining way, imparted education and awareness to employees on how they can achieve ‘Pleasure of work’ at their work stations. The skits on how to break monotony at work place deserves special mention.
The feedback from the target audience reveals the high level of usefulness. All of them have been unanimous in their appreciation for the professional way, right from the artists to the choreographer and all involved in which this programme has been organized and executed. These opinions bear testimony of the impact this programme has had on the audience.

We sincerely compliment and appreciate M/s. Unique Consultants for organizing such a meaningful and educative programme. We have no hesitation in recommending to the industries to utilize their services to propagate the concept of ‘Pleasure of Work’ to their employees…”

– National Institute Of Personnel Management

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