Generally, they are conducted at client’s premises. We also conduct programs in natural locations, resorts, etc.

After conducting the Training Programme, on request, we conduct Review/Monitoring Sessions to assess the extent to which the participants have implemented the various concepts learnt by them in the Training Programme. This ensures Return on Investment (ROI) on the Training Programme conducted.

15 to 20. We also conduct focused and in-depth training programs for identified group of 4 or 5 participants.

We need LCD projector and other conference facilities. Normally, they are provided by the clients. If the client cannot do so, we can also arrange them at cost.

We can give you one set of course materials out of which you may arrange photocopies for distribution to the participants during the training programme. Alternatively, we can also provide course materials to each participant at extra cost.

Normally 1 or 2 or 3 days, depending on the subject and target group. We can break up the group so that we can conduct half day program i.e., instead of 2 full days program, we can conduct 4 half-day programmes.

Our programs are very interactive and participative. We adopt the following training techniques depending on the subject of training and the target group:

  1. Role plays
  2. Case studies
  3. Video films
  4. Videography and replay
  5. Group discussions
  6. Games
  7. Practical exercises
  8. Power Point presentations
  9. Lecture method
  10. Questionnaires

We have certain distinct advantages :

  • We have conducted Training Programmes for more than 4,00,000 (4 lakh) employees in more than 400 companies. Due to this vast experience, our Training Programmes will be very impactful, practical and relevant.
  • We have specialist faculties for the topic, target group and industry sector in question. Due to the expert knowledge of these faculties, the Training Programme will be very impactful.
  • We adopt not only theoretical and cognitive training techniques but also experiential training.
  • We explain the concepts through a number of games and practical exercises. This helps in easy understanding of the concepts, longer retention and easier implementation.
  • If the customer desires, we can conduct Review/Monitoring sessions to assess the extent to which the participants have implemented the concepts learnt by them in the Training Programme. This ensures the Return On Investment (ROI) on the Training Programme conducted.
Most of our programs are custom-built and tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the client. Hence the programs will be relevant, focused and practical to the target group in question.
We conduct programmes for workers and operators in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi.
Most of them, yes. The innumerable letters, mails and phone calls we get from the participants (to report the improvements made by them) are a testimony of this fact.
Our programs are a blissful mix of the two. They are the best of both the worlds. The concepts are drawn both from the time-tested, scientific, intelligent and rational style of West wonderfully blended with the emotive, philosophical and introspective approach of the East. It touches both left (analytical) and right (emotional) brain of the participants.
You may please buy our books and CDs. (For details, please see the section ‘Books & CDs’ in this website). They will give you an idea about the concepts, principles and approach which we adopt in our Training Programmes.
We take the modules from you and add value to make them more presentable, visualistic, easily comprehensible and participant- friendly. We will conduct a mock training program and train your internal faculties to conduct the training programs for your employees.
We conduct face -to-face, one-to-one training sessions to train individual executives, managers and supervisors to impart them the necessary skills.
In case you need, we can inform the Phone Number of the HR personnel from whom you can get the first hand information on the effectiveness of our Training Programmes.
All of them. Because, we have identified expert trainer for each topic and industry group.
Most certainly. Considering the number of Training Programmes to be conducted and other factors, we can conduct 1 to 1½ hour pilot training programme as a demo at your premises.
Very much. We can provide end-to-end solutions for these concepts i.e., Assessment / audit, conducting training programs, implementation, review and monitoring.
We can conduct courses on Spoken English, Spoken Kannada, Spoken Tamil and Spoken Hindi.
Yes. We can undertake end-to-end Event Management of your events like Team Outs, Annual Day, Family Day, Founder’s Day, Safety Day, International Women’s Day, etc. We can include Dance Drama/Ballet, Magic Show, Games, Activities etc. in such events.