Spoken English Courses

Spoken English Courses

Speaking English is no longer a luxury to be enjoyed by a few people in the élite class, but has become a necessity in the backdrop of increased competition, information sharing and enlarged horizon of activities. By learning to speak English confidently, the person can enlarge his vision of thinking, expand his circle of contacts and contribute in an increasing measure to the organization he is working for. Speaking English also makes the person more confident and renders him more relevant and contemporary. We conduct very effective and practical Spoken English Courses.

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Opinions of our clients

“… The 35 training sessions conducted by M/s. Unique Consultants, Bengaluru were extremely effective. It was very amazing and unbelievable to see our employees (who were not able to speak in English), after undergoing to Spoken English Course, were able to speak in English reasonably, fluently and confidently. One of the remarkable feature of the Spoken English Course conducted by M/s. Unique Consultants is that they have thoughtfully customized the course for Industrial Employees. The assignment given at the end of each session helps in continuous education of the participants. Their training techniques, rapport with the participants and commitment to teach Spoken English are exemplary. We recommend that all the companies who wish to train their employees on Spoken English may organize the Spoken English Course by M/s. Unique Consultants and reap rich benefits…”
– Flowserve India Controls Pvt. Ltd.
“… M/s. Unique Consultants have conducted 80 sessions on Spoken English Course. The courses were customized to our requirements and were extremely well received. We have found improvement in the Spoken English capability of our employees after they underwent the course. The course was effective, interesting and practical. M/s. Unique Consultants have demonstrated great deal of commitment, dedication and professionalism in conducting these courses…”
– Biocon Ltd.
“…The faculties took great initiative. We have been observing great improvement in spoken English of the employees. We appreciate the professionalism and effectiveness of M/s. Unique Consultants…”
– Tata BP Solar Ltd.
“…The course was relevant and practical. The presentation, methodology and the teaching techniques adopted are very effective. The classes were conducted in a very interactive, participative and lively fashion…”
– Volvo India Pvt. Ltd.
“… The programmes were found very effective and useful. The presentation and examples were extremely good, simple in understanding and could be easily implemented…”
– Arvind Fashions Ltd.
“… Thank you for conducting an excellent Spoken English Program. The program was very practical and effective. This training has enhanced the confidence level of our employees to fluently converse in English. As the name says, the training methodology of Unique Consultants is unique. The training programmes are tailor made to suit the requirement of the industry. Our employees were happy about the personal attention paid to each of them in making them learn in a simple and effective way…”
– Krone Communications Ltd.
“…The training techniques adopted are very practical, simple and effective. The unique feature of the course is that they have oriented the course to suit the industry and the corporate. This has rendered the course very relevant and specific to the industrial employees. Personal attention was paid to each employee. The feedback from the participants has been excellent…”
– Su~Raj Diamonds &Jewellery Ltd.
“…Ms. Unique Consultants have very thoughtfully formulated Spoken English course customized for the exact requirements of Security Agencies. Ms. Meghana Hanumesh has conducted the Spoken English course with tremendous capability and confidence. Her teaching methodology is very practical, down-to-earth and relevant. She has established extremely good rapport with the participants. Her Spoken English course is very impactful and result-oriented. Our employees are delighted with her programme and they have now improved their spoken English ability. We place on record the wonderful Spoken English Course conducted by Ms. Meghana Hanumesh and recommend that Security Agencies should make use of this unique, customized programme conducted by Ms. Unique consultants. Many more companies should utilize the services of Ms. Meghana Hanumesh by conducting her high-impact Spoken English Courses for their employees…”
– Prompt & Smart Security (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd.