Corporate Presentations, Videos & Training Modules

Corporate Presentations

Companies and organizations often utilize corporate presentations as a means of showcasing their prospects, services, values etc. The presenter should prepare a captivating and visually appealing presentation that encompasses the company’s values, products and/or services etc. We can create very impactful, well-structured, viewer-friendly, impressive, informative, innovative, compelling, interesting and appealing Corporate Presentations and Video Films which will impress the viewer greatly.

We have an incredible expertise and vast experience of 25 years in the field of Management Consultancy and training and have provided these services to more than 300 organizations which shows out in the quality of Presentations, Videos etc. created by us for them.

Our Creations

We can create the following for you:

  • Presentation( on your Products, Services, Achievements etc.) which you
    can show to your customers
  • Your Company Profile
  • Training Module on identified topics chosen/needed by you
  • Training Module/Presentation on your organisational Vision, Mission and Values for disseminating them to your employees
  • Corporate Film on your organisation
  • Presentation on the company affairs or happenings to inform to your employees

Presentation Formats

We can create presentations in the following modes:

  • Power Point Presentations
  • Video Films
  • Audio Clips
  • Any other suitable mode required by you

Opinions of our clients

“…M/s. Unique Consultants had prepared very impactful Corporate Presentation covering our company’s Vision, Mission, Values, Achievements, Landmarks etc. This was presented by their senior faculty, Ms. Padma Hemanth. The presentation was very well received and was highly effective. Our customers greatly appreciated the Presentation Style and the Communication Skills of Ms. Padma Hemanth. M/s. Unique Consultants also created extremely visually appealing Corporate Video CD which we gave to the invitees. These were highly admired by the participants…”
– Technotool Solution India LLP