Pharmaceutical Industry

Opinions of our clients

“… It was indeed a great experience. I fall short of words to give you a feedback because, for some one of your stature and experience, ‘Excellent’ should have become a routine. Yes, it was an excellent experience for our participants. All of them felt that in your delivery, there was lot of ‘depth’ rather than just length & breadth one gets to experience in some of the training programmes these days. Every individual had lot of praise for you and felt that everything you said came from tons of experience. It would be a tough task for future faculty members to satisfy the employees after Mr. V. Aswatha Ramaiah has set the highest standards in training programmes. The wonderful job done by the faculty has improved the unit capacity. Erstwhile less productive plant is contributing 64 millions tablets output with 35 workmen. No arguments on shop floor. Accepting responsibilities other than regular work have become more of a routine than an imposed task. The employees are more impressed by the visual and pictorial presentation made by the faculty, which are unique and prepared exclusively to the target trainees. We are able to infuse such knowledge that they are able to realize on their own what improvements they should make to become more productive and serve the interests of the organization and build their careers. ..”
– Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd
“…We found the faculty to be consistently pleasant, tackling the session with energy and enthusiasm. The participants found the programme to be very effective and creative. We wish to place on record our sincere appreciation for the professional approach adopted by the faculty in conducting the training session…”
– Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd
“…The courses were customized to our requirements and were extremely well received. We have found improvement in the capability of our employees after they underwent the course. The course was effective, interesting and practical. M/s. Unique Consultants have demonstrated great deal of commitment, dedication and professionalism in conducting these courses…”
– Biocon Ltd
“…Unique Consultants have initiated a series of multipronged activities in our organization like Training programmes, Display Materials, Interactive sessions, Monitoring/Reviews sessions, Documentation, etc., M/s. Unique Consultants have displayed high level of competency and a high degree of commitment and innovation in whatever assignments we have entrusted to them…”
– Kemwell Biopharma Pvt. Ltd
“…It was indeed a very good programme to enhance our skills…”
– Strides Arcolab Ltd
“…The participants have found the programme very effective and useful. They have rated the programme as one of the best training programmes. These programmes are well planned and knit with very high degree of relevance to personal and professional life and development…”
– Astra IDL Ltd
“…The training program was full of enthusiasm and totally participative where all the participants had enjoyed…”
– Dabur India Ltd
“…They have imparted training to our 500 workmen on 18 batches. The programmes were found very effective and useful and were very well received by the participants and appreciated. The presentation of the programme, training techniques and interaction with the participants were very good and we have been greatly benefited by these programmes. The attendees of the workshop gave an excellent feedback on the sessions. The feedback score of the overall programme is 4.7 on a 5 point scale. We are grateful to them for conducting such a wonderful workshop…”
– The Himalaya Drug Co
“…The feedback collected from the participants of ten workshops was very positive, with 80% of them rating it as ‘Excellent’. We would like to place on record our appreciation for the professional way in which the programmes were conducted and have no hesitation in recommending Mr. V. Aswatha Ramaiah to you…”
– Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals (India) Ltd
“…We have received excellent reviews from all the participants. The subject matter was tackled with immense practicality, enthusiasm and humour. We look forward to a continued association with your firm…”
– Lupin Ltd
“…We found their programs very unique and effective. The training techniques employed are quite creative and drive home the concepts powerfully in the minds of the participants. The participants have evaluated the programmes as very useful and practical to implement in the life. We are very confident that the programmes would result in better efficiency and performance of our employees. We have also communicated to the surrounding industries to make use of the excellent services of M/s. Unique Consultants…”
– Unichem Laboratories Ltd
“…Thank you very much for conducting a wonderful Motivational Training Programme to our Field force. Your training programme has really motivated our Field force and gave an insight to change their complacency on achievement. The Programme has really changed the thought process of our Field Force and made them to think that ‘Nothing is impossible’. We are pleased to assign the responsibility of conceptualization, design and implementation of customized training programmes on 5S concepts for our employees at Goa. We look forward to a fruitful association with you. M/s. Unique Consultants have conducted Training Programmes for 500 of our Sales Executives. The Training Programmes were extremely impactful and has motivated our employees to a great extent. The Training Programmes were very relevant, practical, and thought-provoking. The fact that the Sales Executives have given ‘Excellent’ Rating for the Overall Effectiveness of the Training Programmes is a testimony of the great expertise and experience of M/s. Unique Consultants in conducting Training Programmes. Thank you for your inspiring Training Programme for our senior employees and you delivered suggestions and practices that spark our work environment and liven up the day. We enjoyed your underlying messages of supporting each other in a team environment and recognizing others for their contributions. We truly got benefited from your experience and professionalism. We are extremely happy with their committed and professional style of working. The Training Programmes are very effective, practical and interesting. Our employees have been immensely benefitted by their Training Programmes. They have also imparted training and implemented 5S in our Goa plant which is very commendable. They have also conducted Psychometric Tests and Assessment for our employees to identify the skill gaps and interventions to bridge this gap to enhance the employees’ performance. We sincerely appreciate the commitment, competence and professionalism of M/s. Unique Consultants…”
– Micro Labs Ltd
“…The 25 programmes were well received by the participants and all have rated very high about the methodology adopted, quality and effectiveness of the training. Mr. V. Aswatha Ramaiah is really unique and is very effective in his deliverables. He will be highly useful to whoever chooses him as a trainer…”
– Jubiliant Organosys Ltd
“…Your programme was very useful as we got important inputs individually so as to improve our skills…”
– Hikal Ltd
“…The programme were educative, lively and interesting. The complex concepts were explained through experiential games and exercises which made the participants learn easily and effectively. The examples quoted from day to day life made the programme very relevant and practical. We look forward to a long association with M/s. Unique Consultants…”
– Global Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd
“…We sincerely appreciate the selfless and whole-hearted commitment shown by M/s. Unique Consultants. Their passion to serve the cause of Pharma students is very commendable. We wish we had more organizations like Unique Consultants who volunteer to help the needy students enabling them to get good placements and contribute to the Pharma industry. We sincerely recommend to industries to organize training programmes for their employees from M/s. Unique Consultants…”
– Pharma Training Institute
“…We thank you for your valuable contribution to the Pharma Profession all these years…”
– Chairman, 63rd Indian Pharmaceutical Congress (IPC)
“…TheTraining Programme on ‘Facing the Audits’ was extremely well received. The Training Programme has been customized for the employees who face audits in Pharmaceutical Industry. The contents, training techniques and methodology were very relevant. The videography session was particularly effective since if clearly captured the Do’s and Don’ts to be followed by the employees while facing the Audit. The employees who underwent the Training Programme are now very confident to face the audits in a professional and systematic matter with great courage and confidence…”
– Micro labs Ltd
“…The Training Programme on ‘Supervisory Development’ was conducted in a thorough professional manner. The training techniques were very creative, lively and were very effective and received very well by the participants. The participants have given very high rating for the programme. The examples quoted made the programme very relevant and practical. We are very confident that the programmes will result in better efficiency and performance of our employees…”
– Global Calcium Pvt. Ltd
“… The Training Programmes conducted were extremely well received. The faculty was able to establish a high degree of rapport with the participants which made the learning very result-oriented. We are observing a positive behavioral shift in most of the employees who attended the training. The training programmes were rendered very participative and interactive. As the faculty customized the Training Programme for our specific requirements, the Training Programmes were very relevant and practical. We wish to extend our heart-felt appreciation for the competence and commitment of the faculty. First of all, please accept my hearty congratulations for all the contibutions and achievements so far. You have been a great guiding force in the upbringing of people and society through your powerful training which I have attended and I describe it as 3 I’s: Interesting, Innovative and Interactive. I wish you may more laurels in future and I am sure that your training sessions will definitely help in building society and, in turn, the nation. You are outstanding. You can customize the programs to suit the organization’s needs. You also keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the area of training and in developing Training Skills. Your programs are innovative and interactive. You are always willing to listen and resolve issues then and there irrespective of the time taken. You are willing to comply with the needs of the participants while working within the frame work of the organization…”
– Juggat Pharma
“… The workshops were lively, interactive and, at the same time, kept the audience in a gripping mode. The satisfaction index of the audience was 94% and the faculty effectiveness stood at 96%. The faculty’s expertise on the subject is unparalleled and instantly struck with the audience. At the end of the workshop, the participants were ecstatic. That is the power of workshop effectiveness. Many thanks for conducting impactful workshops …”
– Hetero Drugs Ltd
“…M/s. Unique Consultants has conducted Training Programme on ‘Creating Sustainable Culture of Data Integrity, Quality and Compliance’. The Training Programme was effective and has motivated our employees to a great extent and was practical and interesting…”
– Acebright (India) Pharma Pvt. Ltd
“…We really value your expertise and contribution towards the stated objective. You covered the topics with good number of examples, games and were presented suitably so that attention of the group was captured all the time. The trainer has done an outstanding job of sharing his expertise…”
– Pharmed Limited
“…It was an excellent programme, well prepared and well imparted. In the words of the participants, the training was highly beneficial to each one of them which uplifted the spirit of the individual and ultimately will improve their performance. Every single aspect of the behavioural attitude was touched and dealt with, in order to bring out the best from everybody. You made every single individual participate in the deliberations with your vast experience in this matter. We are confident that the performance of our executives will improve after this Training Programme…”
– Lyrus Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd
“…I would like to thank you for being one of our learning partners. You have immensely added to Cipla’s expertise and knowledge base. I thank you for all your efforts and contribution. We are in the process of chartering a robust and an integrated learning roadmap for Cipla; I look forward to a strong partnership in creating a new growth story…”
– Cipla Ltd