Opinions of our clients

“…We have been observing good improvement in the patient care, attitude, behaviour and performance of our Staff, Nurses, etc., after they underwent your Training Programs. The training techniques, methodology, course contents and the reviews (to assess the implementation) adopted by them are effective and they have been Change Agents for our employees. They have established very good rapport with our employees and have won their admiration…”
– Manipal Hospital
“…Thank you for the great training session conducted for our team. I am getting very positive feedback from our team. The participants say that your session was very informative and very well presented. We got help (from you) at the right time. Now, the major difference is that the employees know what needs to be done and have implemented them. The outcome is that Doctors are happy, Patients are happy and, as Operations Manager, I am very happy. I can see improvements in every aspect like discipline, patient care and many others. This is because we were taught (in the Training Programme) not only how to talk, how to behave; but we were taught Yoga, Meditation and many Exercises. The major areas of improvement which are noticed are: Better co-ordination among the employees Employees are more methodical in working The employees do not keep the work pending (they finish the work and then go home) While scheduling the appointments (with the doctors), they make sure that the message is passed on the next employee so that there is no discrepancy They are working as a team (which was not the case earlier). They do not have differences. Their professionalism has improved. The best thing (improvement noticed) is in the patient care. The patients are happy. And, as long as patients are happy, we are also happy. The above are only a few aspects in which we have noticed the improvements. There are many more aspects. If I have to talk about all the areas where improvements have been noticed, I have to talk for a long time. It is very difficult and a tough task to speak about all the improvements in 5 Minutes (a short time). I want to thank Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah and his team who have contributed a lot. It feels good to see such a well trained team …”
– Manipal Fertility
“Everything is perfect in the programme The best programme Very thought-provoking programme Excellent programme Very effective programme Very interactive programme Very interesting programme Learnt a lot Clear and crisp programme Innovative programme Realistic programme Liked very much Enjoyable programme Implementable programme”
– Columbia Asia Hospital
“… The programs were very effective, informative and useful. We are sure it will definitely help our staff in improving their service at our Hospital…”
– St. John’s Medical College Hospital
“…Your program was highly educative and informative. It has helped all the participants to have better relationship with patients and their relatives. They all felt very happy and have developed a positive approach in their work and dealings. They have become more cordial and friendly…”
– St. Philomena’s Hospital
“…The various subjects covered by you such as patient care and communication, interpersonal relationship, motivation and methods of improving quality in service were very informative and practical. We are sure it would definitely help our staff in improving the services towards better patient care at our Hospital…”
– Bangalore Kidney Foundation
“… We have observed positive changes in individuals after attending your Training Programmes…”“… The programmes are very focused and has left a lasting impression in our employees. The training techniques are remarkable…”
– Sterling Agro Product Processing