Supervisory Development


Supervisors are a vital link between the top management and workers/operators. On one hand, they should convert the management’s targets into concrete realities at workplace and, on the other hand they should give constant inputs of the employees’ issues and concerns to the top management to sustain high levels of motivation and morale of the employees. They need to harness the various resources to maximize productivity, reduce costs and produce products and services of highest quality. They should also develop very good supervisory skills like communication skills, interpersonal skills, listening skills, counseling skills etc. They should also remain contemporary with respect to the job knowledge and skills and should provide effective solutions to the subordinates’ issues and concerns. This training programme imparts all these skills to the participants.

Course Contents:

Few words from our clients

“…The search for a training agency which conducts the most effective Outbound Training Programmes should end with M/s. Unique Consultants, Bengaluru. The mastery of the faculties in conducting Outbound programmes was evident. The way the concepts and principles were taught was simply superb. Every game was extremely absorbing, highly relevant and innovative. The passion and the competence of M/s. Unique Consultants in conducting Outbound Programmes are exemplary. The fact that the participants have given an Average Rating of more than 9 on a 0-10 Scale (0: Lowest; 10: Highest) for the effectiveness of the programme speaks volumes about the deep impact the programme had on the participants. We strongly recommend that many more organizations should organize Outbound Programmes for their employees from M/s. Unique Consultants and reap rich dividends…”

Volvo India Pvt. Ltd.

“…The Outbound Programme learning involved games and activities that were relevant and thought-provoking. The programme helped the participants to come closer and appreciate inter-team dynamics. The programme was conducted professionally by M/s. Unique Consultants with high level of commitment..”

ITC Limited

“…The Outbound Programme conducted for approx. 120 employees was extremely effective. The games and exercises played out by them were interesting and innovative. What was most striking was the explanation of the concepts behind each game and exercise. It had great learnings. We heartily appreciate the competence of M/s. Unique Consultants in conducting such Outbound Training Programme. Our employees thoroughly enjoyed and, at the same time, learnt the concepts…”

Otis Elevators Ltd.
“…I am associated with Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah for more than a decade. He is a thought leader and highly resourceful person. He can customize his programs to specific organizations, roles and the business context. He has co-created an high impact OD program for one of our manufacturing plants along with the stakeholders…”
TVS Motor Company
“…The Training Programmes conducted by M/s. Unique Consultants, Bengaluru for our Supervisors were very effective and thought-provoking. Our Supervisors received very useful and relevant inputs in the Training Programme to discharge their responsibility as Supervisors. The programme was extremely interactive, participative and lively. Based on the excellent feedback received for the initial Training Programmes, we have decided to conduct many training programmes for our Supervisors…”
Page Industries Ltd. (Jockey)
We are happy that the programme feedback is positive. The supervisory programme coincided with our present demand for managing people in the competitive times. We are pleased that our supervisors and shop floor executives have found your programme useful in their day to day work on the floor. As a matter of fact, even Senior. Executives have volunteered to attend your programme-a confirmation of the programmes’ usefulness….”
Vikrant Tyres Ltd.
“…Thank you for an excellent programme on ‘Supervisory Skills’…”
Rangsons Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
“…In the programme, Mr. V. Aswatha Ramaiah was able to give the supervisors feedback about how their actions are perceived by the operators. They also drew up action plans. This programme was extremely well received. Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah is a very popular trainer…”
SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals
“…The Training Programmes was extraordinary. The programme was found very effective, practical and relevant to Supervisors with number of activities, games, case studies and very innovative training techniques. We are very thankful for bringing a cultural change in our Supervisors…”
E Land Apparel Ltd.