Corporate Etiquette


Humans are social beings. Hence, they should learn how to behave and conduct themselves with people in a corporate set up. However knowledgeable and skillful a person may be, if he/she does not learn and display proper etiquette, behavior and manners, he/she will become unpopular and hence unsuccessful in their career. The worst part is that people give feedback about inadequate job knowledge, improper skills, etc., but they do not give feedback on bad etiquette, objectionable manners and unacceptable behavior. They just move away from such a person (who would be wondering why people do not like them and like to be with them). This Training Programme gives practical guidelines to inculcate the acceptable corporate etiquette, pleasant behavior and good manners so that one becomes likable and socially acceptable with his customers, supervisors, peers, sub-ordinates and society at large.

Course Contents: