Work Effectiveness (for Workers and Operators)

Soft Skills

The workers should be charged with a great deal of motivation and enthusiasm.  They need to develop positive attitude towards work (in particular) and life (in general).  They have to enhance their productivity, reduce the costs and improve their discipline and conform to the company’s rules and regulations.  They have to broaden their horizon of thinking and have to align themselves towards the organization’s objectives and values.  The result will be a great boost in the productivity, optimization of costs, timely deliverables to customers, greater discipline in processes, better adherence to safety precautions, and, above all, a highly motivated and competent workforce.  The training programme will train the workers on all these aspects.  As the number of workers in an organization will generally be large (as compared to that of executives, managers and supervisors), when the workers implement the concepts and principles learnt by them in the training programme, the benefits to the organization will have a multiple effect.

Course Contents:

A. Discipline:

  1. Importance of regularity and punctuality
  2. Adherence to company’s rules and regulations
  3. Planning, organizing, systematizing and managing the time effectively

B. Quality of work:

  1. Systematic working
  2. Doing things right first time
  3. Continuous improvement in the quality of work
  4. Understanding the cost of poor quality

C. Enhancing Productivity:

  1. Differentiating between ‘Production’ and ‘Productivity’
  2. Improving productivity constantly

D. House Keeping:

  1. Keeping workplace neat and tidy
  2. Keeping items / tools in proper places
  3. 5S principles of House Keeping

E. Cost reduction:

  1. Avoiding reworks
  2. Control of wastage of materials, accessories, electrical power, time and other resources
  3. Achieving cost consciousness

F. Positive Attitude:

  1. The need to look at things in a positive and optimistic way
  2. Developing right attitude towards work (in particular) and life (in general)
  3. Curbing the negative tendencies in thinking and working

G. Time Management:

  1. Importance of time-its management
  2. Rationing of time – ‘Urgent’ and ‘Important’ work
  3. Identifying and eliminating time wasters
  4. Planning, organizing, systematizing, simplifying and compounding of work
  5. Prioritizing and structuring the time
  6. How to do more in less time

H. Communication Skills:

  1. The communication cycle
  2. Types of communication
  3. Need for effective communication
  4. Hazards of communication gap
  5. Clarity in communication
  6. Focus on listener
  7. Communication effectivety check list
  8. Tips for effective communication
  9. Body language, judging other person’s mind by his gestures, use of appropriate gestures in a given situation
  10. Listening skills

I. Loyalty and belongingness to the organization:

  1. Developing gratitude to the organization
  2. Identifying oneself with the organization’s mission and goals and aligning and attuning with them
  3. Contributing the best for the organization

J. Etiquette and behavior:

  1. Developing affable manners and pleasing behavior
  2. Being polite and courteous
  3. Personal hygiene, grooming, dress sense
  4. Etiquette – Dining etiquette work place etiquette, etc.

K. Motivation and Performance:

  1. Guidelines for self motivation
  2. Developing the pleasure and joy in work and using them as tools for self motivation
  3. Identifying the de-motivating factors and guarding against them

L. Relations With Superiors:

  1. Respecting the Superior Officers
  2. Aligning to the expectations of the Superior Officers
  3. Considering the Superior as a Role Model, Mentor, Guide and a Counselor
  4. Being open, free and frank with the Superior
  5. Winning the trust and confidence of Superiors

M. Interpersonal Relations and Team Work:

  1. Developing interpersonal relations with colleagues
  2. Developing helping attitude
  3. Collective working, synergy
  4. Developing team spirit
  5. Win-win relationship
  6. Inculcating empathy

N. Values Of Life:

  1. Developing honesty, integrity, truthfulness and open mindedness
  2. Inculcating higher values of life
  3. Giving more importance to learning / working than to monetary benefits
  4. Avoiding jealousy, inferiority complex and such other negative emotions
  5. Developing positive and healthy life styles
  • Effective training techniques
  • Participative and interactive programme
  • Average Rating given by the participants: +9
  • Contents can be customized to your needs

Opinions of our clients

“…Your continued association with us is perhaps because of the dent made by your programmes on the participants by way of improved skill and development of positive attitude.  We would like to specially put on record our appreciation of the programme on ‘Self Development’ conducted by you. Many employees have told us that this programme had a terrific impact both in their family life and official life. ..”

– L& T Komatsu Ltd.

“…Our employees look up to you as one of their role models.  Critical to the success of your training I feel is the manner in which it was tailor – made to suit the needs of the organization and its culture.  The participative methods used such as singing, games, etc., really made the operators involve themselves in the sessions and hence the retention factor is very high.  I also find subtle changes in the behavior pattern of the operators and all for the good, both for the individuals and the organization.  Thus, I feel you have successfully played the role of a change agent in our organization…”

– Warner Lambert India Ltd.

“…The Training programme included varied topics ranging from commitment and ownership, exposure to the outside world, change management, personality development, team building and even personal finance management.  A variety of approaches were used.  The contribution by the trainer was of immense value.  We hope that this training programme will enhance the quality of their lives and equip them with the necessary skills…”

– Bosch Ltd.

“…Your training programme for our operators have been highly successful…”

– American Power Conversion (India) Pvt. Ltd.

“…Me and my colleagues sincerely acknowledge and thank you for the key role you played in bringing about the transformation especially in the face of a very difficult environment of declining performance.   I would like to recall here that this has been possible because you have been a mentor, facilitator and played a key role in shaping up the one most important resource -Human Resource. Your programs and association is not merely training programs that come to an end with the euphoria for a short ‘period but has been a closed loop, continuous guiding and helping individually achieving the intended result.

I cannot resist recalling the situation in which we called on you with less than half an hour notice of our deciding that the only chance in this crisis (which we had been facing) can be solved by empowerment of our employees and showing them believe they can do it-The answer, Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah. Eveready with invincible energy, you have been able to help us put the unit back on track from a negative spiral to a positive spiral…”

–  Kamla Dials and Devices Ltd.

“…We have taken the valuable inputs of Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah in reforming the mindset of our employees. We are able to infuse such knowledge that they are able to realize on their own what improvements they have to make to become more productive and serve the interests of the organisation and build their careers,through Personal Effectiveness programs.

It would be a tough task for future faculty members to satisfy the employees after Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah set the highest standards in training programmes. The wonderful job done by the faculty has improved the unit capacity. Erstwhile less productive plant is contributing 64 million tablets output.  No arguments on shop floor, accepting responsibilities other than regular work have become more of a routine than an imposed task…”

–  Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

“…M/s. Unique Consultants have conducted Training Programmes for the workers of our two plants at Bidadi and plant at Hospet.  The Training Programmes made a deep impact on our workers.  The Training Methodology, Presentation with Case Studies, examples quoted was exemplary and was found extremely effective.  The workers were charged with great enthusiasm due to these Training Programmes.  We sincerely appreciate the great work done by M/s. Unique Consultants for training our workers…”

– Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

“…M/s. Unique Consultants have conducted a number of training programmes for our employees.  We wanted to check the effectiveness of these training programmes and the extent to which our employees have improved their attitude, performance, behavior, etc., after attending the training programmes. When we ask the employees about how the programme was, to be pleasant, they generally speak good about the programme. So, we thought of a very novel idea that can truly assess the impact the programmes had on our employees.

On one fine day, all our Executives, Managers, Senior Management Group and Middle Management Group went off to a far off place without giving any notice to our workers. (For three days, no Manager or Executives or Supervisor was accessible; Even their phones were disconnected). The entire plant was, in fact, without any Executive, Manager or Supervisor. The workers themselves had to carry on their jobs.  We really wanted to gauge the initiative, the seriousness, the motivation level and the confidence level of our employees after attending the Training Programmes conducted by M/s. Unique Consultants.  That’s why we did this exercise.

After three days, the Executives, Managers and Supervisors returned to the plant. When the Managers, Executives and Supervisors came back to work, we were presently surprised that all our employees have risen to the occasion and managed almost all the operations and processes very very effectively which was not seen earlier to the Training Programmes.

This episode proved, beyond doubt, the tremendous impact the Training Programmes conducted by M/s. Unique Consultants had on our employees. M/s. Unique Consultants have conducted Training Programmes, Review Programmes, Monitoring Sessions etc., for our employees from the last two years and we have ample evidence to authenticate the effectiveness and the impact of these training programmes had on our employees’ attitude and performance. The above episode is one such example. There are several such examples to demonstrate the competence and commitment of M/s. Unique Consultants in transforming the attitude, performance and work culture of organizations.

We would like to recommend to the organizations the exemplary commitment and vast experience of M/s. Unique Consultants in improving the attitude and performance of employees and enhance the work culture…”

– Flowserve India Controls Pvt. Ltd.