Presentation Skills

Soft Skills

An individual’s thoughts may be very clear and qualitatively superior, but, if he cannot present himself and make impactful presentations to an audience, he cannot perform effectively.  Effective presentation skills (of the employees) will make the audience understand his  points clearly and completely.  This training programme gives inputs on how to make powerful presentations to influence the audience by using excellent communication skills aided by effective tools like Audio Visuals etc.

Course Contents:

  1. Physical, mental, intellectual and emotional preparation for making presentations
  2. Structuring and sequencing the presentation
  3. Preparation of effective slides, etc., to supplement the presentation
  4. Presentation Skills – clarity in expression, catching the attention of listeners, eye contact, language, pace, pause, quoting statistics and examples
  5. Developing self confidence in making presentations
  6. Using appropriate body postures while making presentations
  7. Using Audio Visuals in presentation
  8. Voice Audibility, quality of voice, pitch, volume, voice modulation in presentation
  9. Understanding and interpreting the opinions and feelings of listeners based on their questions, gestures and moderating the presentation accordingly to suit them to render the presentation effective and interesting
  10. Answering the questions of the audience clearly and confidently
  11. Avoiding stage fear and nervousness in presentations
  12. Positive self talk and optimism in presentations
  13. Social and corporate etiquettes, manners, grooming, etc
  14. Techniques to improve the effectiveness of presentations
  15. Creativity and innovation in presentations
  • Effective training techniques
  • Participative and interactive programme
  • Average Rating given by the participants: +9
  • Contents can be customized to your needs