Outbound Training Programs

We conduct Outbound Training Programmes (OBT) in resorts and outbound locations in a natural backdrop. The programme will not only be enjoyable and fun, but also very educative and thought – provoking.

Apart from fun, there will be great learning of concepts on Teamwork, Leadership, Strategic thinking, Target/Result orientation, Planning, Time Management, Resource Management, Self Motivation, Communication, Positive attitude, Resource utilization etc. The outbound programme will not only be enjoyable and fun, but also very educative and thought-provoking.

Few words from our clients

“…The search for a training agency which conducts the most effective Outbound Training Programmes should end with M/s. Unique Consultants, Bengaluru.  The mastery of the faculties in conducting Outbound programmes was evident.  The way the concepts and principles were taught was simply superb.  Every game was extremely absorbing, highly relevant and innovative.  The passion and the competence of M/s. Unique Consultants in conducting Outbound Programmes are exemplary.  The fact that the participants have given an Average Rating of more than 9 on a 0-10 Scale (0: Lowest; 10: Highest) for the effectiveness of the programme speaks volumes about the deep impact the programme had on the participants.  We strongly recommend that many more organizations should organize Outbound Programmes for their employees from M/s. Unique Consultants and reap rich dividends…”

– Volvo India Pvt. Ltd.

“…The Outbound Programme learning involved games and activities that were relevant and thought-provoking.  The programme helped the participants to come closer and appreciate inter-team dynamics.  The programme was conducted professionally by M/s. Unique Consultants with high level of commitment..”

– ITC Limited

“…The Outbound Programme conducted for approx. 120 employees was extremely effective.  The games and exercises played out by them were interesting and innovative.  What was most striking was the explanation of the concepts behind each game and exercise.  It had great learnings.  We heartily appreciate the competence of M/s. Unique Consultants in conducting such Outbound Training Programme.  Our employees thoroughly enjoyed and, at the same time, learnt the concepts…”

– Otis Elevators Ltd.

“…It is an unforgettable programme’, ‘It is a very excellent and realistic programme’, ‘It was a wonderful opportunity’ – These are some of the opinions of our employees who underwent the Outbound Training Programme conducted by M/s. Unique Consultants, Bengaluru.  Truly, the programme was an outstanding and a memorable one.  The way the games were played, the explanation of the theme/learning from the game and the training methodology adopted were extremely effective and absorbing. Our employees were thrilled by the programme which created an indelible impact on their minds.  We sincerely appreciate the capability and the creative spirit of M/s. Unique Consultants for conducting Outbound Programmes…”

– Kostal India Pvt. Ltd.

“…We applaud the faculty’s strong desire and dedication to training.  In all the programmes, the rating was more than 4.5 on a scale of 5.  The programme makes a mark on our mind and heart.  The faculty keeps the crowd lively with lot of humor and interesting learning in it.  The faculty somehow manages to turn negative events into positive learning experiences…”

– Viom Networks Ltd.

“… The Outbound Training Programme was a great success.  The participants expressed their great appreciation for the outbound games played and the powerful messages/concepts explained by the faculty after each game.  These explanations were extremely thought-provoking.  The programme has made a deep and memorable impact on the minds of the participants.  W sincerely appreciate the competence and expertise of the faculties in conducting such wonderful Outbound Programmes…”

– L&T Ltd.

“…The programme had very effective games and outbound exercises through which many concepts were explained in an experiential manner.  The entire programme was formulated and executed in an innovative, participative and professional way…”

– Tyko India Pvt. Ltd.

“…The programme was highly appreciated by the participants.  The games and exercises were revealing and effective.  The programme has charged our employees with new enthusiasm…”

– L & W Construction Pvt. Ltd.

“…The outbound programme was well designed, creative and comprehensive.  The theme ‘Learning with Fun’ was well received by the participants…”

– Juggat pharma

“… The Outbound Programme was excellent.  The concepts were driven home most powerfully though extremely innovative and interesting games and activities.  The programme was very experiential in nature and were customized to bring about a theme.  We appreciate the great expertise and experience of M/s. Unique Consultants in conducting very effective and memorable Outbound programmes…”

– Vesta Equipment Pvt Ltd

“…The Outbound Programme conducted for 75 of our executives was memorable.  The participants were engaged every moment in the programme.  Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah mesmerized the crowd.  It was truly a value added event. Our executives thoroughly enjoyed the programme and simultaneously learnt very useful concepts.  The games were very absorbing, thought-provoking and innovative.  The faculties conducted the programme with great deal of expertise, commitment and involvement.  Many participants expressed that the programme was an eye opener and was a great experience of learning with fun.  We wish to place on record our heartfelt appreciation for the incredible expertise and experience of M/s. Unique Consultants in conducting Outbound Programmes…”

– Aquarelle India Pvt Ltd

“…Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah conducted Outbound Pragramme for our employees on Team Building, Leadership,etc. After we came back, we could see the participants so much charged up. Their mutual bonding and contribution from each individual was positively showing up…”

– Guardwell Detective Pvt Ltd

“…Simply superb programme and the programme was more than our expectations.  The programme was excellent, very knowledgeable, very impressive, very effective, useful, very informative, lively and interesting…”

– Saint Gobain India Pvt. Ltd.

“…The programme was superb, perfect, the best, very thought-provoking, excellent, very effective, very interactive, very interesting, clear and crisp, innovative, realistic and implementable…”

– Columbia Asia Hospital

It was a very creative way of training the people

It was a pleasure to be a part of this programme

There was 100% participation from the team

The programme brightened and lightened us

Excellent programme

The programme opened new ways of looking at

myself ; It made us think differently

Very practical, useful, important, interactive, knowledgeable, educative and motivating programme

The examples quoted were very simple but more meaningful

If I had not attended this programme, I would have missed good learning

Very effective informative and useful programme

Programme was relevant to our day to day life

Learnt a lot from the programme

– Weir Minerals (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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