Work Life balance & Personalty Development (for women employees)

Soft Skills
  1. Strengths of a woman employee; commitment and dedication in work, etc.
  2. Women employees contributing to the positive work culture in the organization
  3. Developing ‘Assertiveness’ without being submissive or dominant; Being firm, but polite
  4. Inculcating the zeal to learn continuously
  5. Identifying the natural talent of women of being creative – using the creative power for giving suggestions for improvements at work place, etc.
  6. Enlarging the knowledge base by reading books, participating in discussions and being updated in the domain of working
  7. Developing sound Interpersonal Relationship with superiors, colleagues and subordinates (if any)
  8. Coming out of inhibitions and hesitation in expressing herself
  9. Aligning to the Vision, Mission and Values of the organization
  10. Inculcating self actualization in work ; enjoying the work ; work ethics
  11. Supporting and lending a helping hand to various organizational initiatives
  12. Avoiding negative attitude like professional jealousy, ego, inferiority complex, self centeredness, etc.
  13. Inculcating higher values of life like honesty, integrity, generosity. ‘win-win’ attitude, transparency, etc.
  14. Work – Life balance; Managing time for career, family and self development
  15. Having good family life with the spouse
  16. Art of parenting
  17. Stress Management with special reference to women employees
  18. Personality Development – Developing all aspects of personality – Physical, Mental, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of woman’s personality
  • Effective training techniques
  • Participative and interactive programme
  • Average Rating given by the participants: +9
  • Contents can be customized to your needs

Opinions of our clients

“…The programme was amazing.

Every person should attend such programmes.

By such programmes, families and country will improve.

We will definitely change.

Programme was full of life, full of learning and joyful.

It was a very excellent and very useful programme.

Very useful programme for personal life. A needful training for women.  The programme was so much informative.

Training was too good. Request you to keep on do this training at least once a year.

The programme was conducted successfully. Learnt a lot.

Very helpful programme

Learnt a lot about parenting

Please conduct the programme for 2 days.

The programme is very useful for day-to-day life. We learnt how to solve problems of life.

We liked your suggestions.

We got information about who is a healthy person, Art of parenting and good habits.  We liked the Personality Development (with examples) very much.

We need more and more programmes like this.

Programme had lots of information and was a refreshment to us.

We learnt many things which we did not know.

It was a very meaningful programme.

Very informative programme. We would like to have such effective programmes very often.

All suggestions were useful.

Sir explained nicely about how to improve our personality, how to behave with others, how to keep our mind peaceful by doing Yoga and the things which makes us happy.

Due to the programme, the quality of our mind (thoughts) has improved.

Very interesting programme. Enjoyed the programme with lot of knowledge.  I liked the way of your speech.

We got so much of knowledge.

I felt great listening to you.

Excellent programme. A good experience.

Programme was very excellent.

Excellent programme. It is important for my personal life.

The programme gave happiness to our mind.

Everything in the programme was good.

Training programme was very useful and excellent. We have learned many things for our life.  Thank you for giving this type of programme.  I got very motivated by the programme.

This programme was very descriptive and we got solutions for our holistic development. We need more programmes from you.

From the programme, we learnt about our mistakes. It was a very pleasant programme.

The programme was very useful.

Please conduct this programme every year.

The programme was conducted very well.

The programme was very appropriate.

The programme was very good. Please conduct such programmes in future also.

Excellent programme. This training improves my life…”

– M/s. Mylan Laboratories Ltd., Bengaluru

“…The programme is very useful.

The topics were very interesting…”

– M/s. V.S.T  Tillers Tractors Limited

“…The programme was very excellent. The expression and the way of explanation was superb.

She (faculty) was very excellent in her speech. She has good experience and  wide knowledge about the subject.  The way of explanation was very good.  I have come to know a lot about the topic in depth.

Excellent communication by the faculty. The programme helps us to think out of box and inspires us to achieve.

The workshop was fantastic.  It has helped me a lot to change my life style and to balance.  The Time Management programme was mind blowing.  Your communication is excellent.

The programme was interactive with good examples…”

– M/s.  San Engineering and Locomotive Co. Ltd.

“…The Training Programme was excellent and was very useful for our life.

The programme was fascinating and active. We learnt about the balancing of  work life and how to change ourselves….”

– M/s. Anutone Accoustics Ltd.

“…The programme was motivating and interesting.

The programme was very good and useful. Personally, I learnt more things to be confident…”

– M/s.  Rajamane & Hegde Services Pvt. Ltd.

 “…The programme was very fantastic.  We learnt lot of things regarding how to manage and balance family and career,  Time Management, etc…”

– M/s.  Graphite India Ltd.

“…It was really a worthwhile training for the women employees.  It is really useful…”

– M/s.  Repair and Return Technology (I) Pvt. Ltd.,

“…The Training Programme was good…”

– M/s.  Strategi Automation Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

 “…Ms. Padma Hemanth is a good trainer and has good knowledge…”

– M/s.  SMC Medical Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.

“…Programme was simply superb.

Excellent programme. It was the most needed programme.

Very inspirational programme

Very influential programme

Very engaging programme

Programme helps to lead a beautiful life

Very interesting programme

Very lively programme

Please conduct series of programmes

Games were too good

Very interactive programme

Programme with full explanations

The way of presentation made us happy

Learnt a lot…”

–  JK Tyres & Industries Ltd., Mysuru

“…Excellent programme

The happiest programme

Lively session with lot of messages to life

Everything in the programme was good

Very interactive programme

Very useful programme

Very good programme

Very nice programme

An effective, interesting, informative and knowledgeable programme

Learnt good things…”

– L&T Ltd. Mysore