Union Office Bearers

Soft Skills

Union Office bearers play a very crucial role in an organization.  They are the vital link between the management and the employees.  The employees repose great trust, faith and confidence on them and hence the Union Office bearers should develop exemplary responsibility, accountability and ethics.  They should keep the organization’s welfare and progress as the top most priority even as they take up the issues, concerns and grievances of the employees with the management.

The Union Office bearers should also be Role Models for the employees in respect of commitment and dedication to work, loyalty and belongingness to the organization. They should inculcate higher values of life like honesty, integrity, transparency, humility, gratitude etc.,  They should possess very important skills like communication and presentation skills, negotiation skills, leadership skills, etiquette in meetings, corporate etiquette  etc.,  They should inculcate high level of emotional stability without resorting to impulsive outbursts and immature way of dealing with the situations.  They should develop persuasive, convincing and influencing skills while dealing with the employees.  They should demonstrate a ‘Win-win’ attitude while communicating and dealing with the management.

This unique training programme customized exclusively for the Trade Union office bearers imparts the above competencies and skills to them resulting in a very cordial, congenial and harmonious work environment and positive work culture with the dual objectives ie., organization’s growth and a highly motivated workforce.

Course Contents

  1. Understanding the role and responsibilities of Union Leaders
  2. Developing a positive mental attitude which helps to direct and guide the employees (of the organization) in a positive direction
  3. Developing assertiveness and self confidence while dealing with the employees; Being firm with the employees when needed; Having realistic and reasonable (not unreasonable) expectations
  4. Dealing with tact and diplomacy with the employees
  5. Attending the meetings with the management with an open and optimistic mind; Meeting etiquette; Speaking objectively (issue-based); not taking things personally; Inculcating ‘Win-win’ attitude
  6. Developing the communication, presentation and public speaking skills
  7. Developing long term perspective rather than craving for short term benefits
  8. Balancing between employees’ interest and organizational requirement / growth
  9. Inculcating higher values in life – honesty, integrity, gratitude, morals, ethics, fairness and truthfulness
  10. Empowering themselves and employees by becoming more respectable and responsible; Setting their own examples for constructive thinking and working
  11. Developing affable manners, etiquette, behavior and politeness
  12. Developing good interpersonal relations with the management with team spirit and synergy
  13. Developing good leadership, people management skills like win-win relationship, empathy and listening skills
  14. Avoiding manipulation, politicking, inter-group rivalries, egoistic tendencies, cynicism, pessimism, misleading others, etc.
  15. Reducing reactivity and developing proactivity
  16. Inculcating maturity in handling the situations
  17. Developing emotional stability
  18. Developing and inculcating in the employees a sense of loyalty and belongingness to the organization
  • Effective training techniques
  • Participative and interactive programme
  • Average Rating given by the participants: +9
  • Contents can be customized to your needs

Opinions of our clients

Conducting Training Programmes for Trade Union Office Bearers needs a great deal of knowledge, skill, tact, competence and expertise.  And, that is what M/s. Unique Consultants have mastered.

The 3 days Training Programme conducted by M/s.  Unique Consultants for our Union Office Bearers was superb.  The participants for the Overall Effectiveness of the Training Programme, have given an Average Rating of 9.4 on 0 – 10 Scale (O:  Lowest : 10:  Highest).  This speaks volumes about the high impact the faculty was able to create on the minds of our Union Office Bearers.  The Examples quoted, Role Plays, Case Studies and the innovative Training Techniques adopted were extraordinary, very thoughtful and appropriate.  The participants found the programme amazing and expressed heart felt gratitude to the Company and the Faculty for conducting such a wonderful, relevant and useful Training Programme.  We whole-heartedly recommend to the organizations to utilize the tremendous competence of M/s.  Unique Consultants and organize Training Programme for their Union Office Bearers.  We wish Mr. Aswath Ramaiah and his team many more success in developing and nurturing people in the industry.

– Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

We sincerely thank you for taking our union leadership team members through the recently concluded training programme titled ‘Roles and Responsibilities of a Union Leader’. The training was received very well by the team members and we can already feel the impact it has made on each one of them.  We truly appreciate your dedication and hope you recognize as we do, the valuable role you play in building brighter futures for the working class.  It is through the positive efforts of people like you that we can change a lifetime for our employees who yearn for a change.  Going forward, we do hope to retain your expertise in training all the other employees likewise.  Once again please accept our sincere thanks for dedicating your time and efforts in making this Training Programme a grand success.

– Volvo Construction Equipment

“…Such programmes should spread across length and breath of our state and country.  The programme was very good.

Please conduct more programmes.   You have taught us very well.  You have taught very beautifully.  Let good things happen to you.

The programme was very good.  Please teach whatever you know to make every person like you !

From the programme, I learnt very profound and important points.  I want to adopt all these points with my colleagues and my family.  I liked the programme very much.

From the training programme, we learnt many things which we did not know.  We will adopt them in our life.  We hope talented people like you will get created out of such programmes.

You have taught all important points for leading a good personal and social life.  If such programmes are conducted in schools and colleges, they can become guiding light for students.

Such programmes should be conducted once a year.  The videos, communication and games were nice.

The programme was very good.  We got good guidance

We learnt how to lead our life.  We are grateful to you for teaching us good life style.  We request you to conduct more and more programmes for people.

Good guidelines were given in the programme.  The programme should be conducted for every one in every Company monthly twice…”

– John Crane Sealing Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

“…I am very grateful to our company for conducting such a good programme.

We are very lucky to attend this programme.

Very good programme. Conduct this programme for all employees.

The programme brings about lot of good changes in our day to day life.

The examples given were very good

The programme is very very useful for our life.

We learnt the skill of living

We learnt how to behave in the company

Please conduct more and more such programmes for our employees.

We learnt a lot of things which we never knew.

A very good programme. Every employee should undergo this programme.

I got inspired by the programme.

We learnt a lot about leadership skills.

I learnt how to speak to the management.

Many employees like us need your programme. You have conducted the      programme very well.

I learnt in the programme more than what I expected.

The trainer taught us in a very simple manner.

The trainer clarified all our doubts with examples and statistics.

The trainer taught in detail about the relationship between the company and the employees…”

– Sansera Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Very good Training Programme. All explanations were good including examples and practical games. Fully useful programme.

The programme was very nice and excellent and is useful in our life.

We learnt how a Union Office Bearer should behave responsibly. We learnt about lifestyle. We should be always be a Role Model for others and be a good citizen.

The programme was very good and meaningful. It came out very well.

The programme was very good we and learnt a lot.

Programme was really good.

The Training Programme was very good. You have taught very well about how to lead life and lifestyle.

We understood how to lead our life and how to work in the company.

The programme was very good. There is lot to learn. We learnt a lot.

The trainer has given more explanations and training to improve personal and professional life. My mind and body were comfortable in discussion and sharing of opinions. I got totally involved in the training. It was really good.

Excellent awareness enhancement programme; very informative programme; The programme develops positive mind set.

The Training Programme was clear and precise; Gained lot of inputs and knowledge on life skills, It was a very planned and structured programme.

An excellent programme on how to develop our overall personality in order to be successful and lead a happy life. Very effective Training programme as lot of were used to make the programme practical-oriented.

The Training Programme was very good. I want to participate in your programmes again and again.

– Toyota Boshoku Automotive India Pvt. Ltd.

“…This programme is the best training. The points taught on life style, discipline etc. are heart-touching.  We should implement them.

I never expected this type of training. I am totally happy about this training.

Aswatha Ramaiah’s teaching is very good. All the best sir for more successes in your life.  I will be a good leader, a good friend, a good son and a good husband.

The programme was very good. Such programmes will make people to lead a happy and satisfied life.

Due to this Training Programme, we will make lot of changes in our lives. We learnt how to behave with others.  We learnt a lot in the Training Programme.

The programme has taught us how to behave with others and achieve progress in our life. We learnt how to work hard and make our company to progress.  We should respect others and work for the progress of the company.

The programme is very helpful to shape up our lives. We now have an urge to achieve something in life.  We are very enthusiastic.  The programme is very useful to change our lifestyle.   I got interested to do something for our country.  I will maintain relations.  I will control anger.  Please conduct more Training Programmes.

The programme was very good. Please conduct such programmes for us very often because it helps us to implement.

We learnt in the Training Programme mainly about how to develop our personality and team work. When we work with pleasure, we will achieve success.

Good examples, good teaching, good games and good training. I will change my lifestyle.  I will track my daily activities…”

– AT India Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd.

“…The feedback from the participants was marvelous.

The contents and presentation were tremendous.

The programme went on very well.

The programme not only helps the organization, but also the society at large…”

– Weir BDK Valves

“…Super programme

Very powerful programme

The best programme

Excellent programme

Programme should have been for 2-3 days

This programme is required for all

I will tell about this programme to others and my family members

Very Useful programme

Very good programme

Unlike usual programmes, this programme was quite beneficial…”

– Ashok Leyland Ltd., Bengaluru

“…I have undergone many Training Programmes for the last 25 years. But, this was a totally unique programme

We are speechless

Unforgettable programme

Total transformative programme

We forgot where we were

We were fully immersed in the programme.

I have never seen such an engaging programme

Fantastic programme

Hats off to you!

Wonderful programme

This programme should reach every individual

Super programme

The best programme

Very powerful programme

Excellent programme

I have undergone many programmes, but this is a transformative programme

Amazing programme in every respect

You are a knowledge hub

We have heard about many Role Models. I’ve not seen Mahatma Gandhi or Abdul Kalam or Mother Theresa. After hearing Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah, I think why can’t he be our Role Model?

You are a living example for the fact that ‘Nothing is impossible’

You have transformed everyone (in the programme)

I’ve never laughed so much

Want one more opportunity to meet you

Conduct this programme for all employees

He (faculty) was like a family member

All the credit to you

You are a treasure of knowledge

You have answer for everything

Your sense of humor was fantastic

Wonderful feedback (from the participants)

We knew that we are safe in your hands

Enormous contents

Continue your good work of spreading the message of goodness to transform society at large

You gave instant answers

People were speechless

Your simplicity is very good

Everyone enjoyed the programme

The programme made us more responsible

Deserves a big clap

It was an end-to-end programme

You have lot of knowledge

I’m amazed

Really inspiring and motivating programme

Apt, relevant, practical and abundant examples

Commendable sense of humor

Very inspirational programme

Every question/doubt was clarified

Very lively programme

It was really a heart touching programme. No question was unanswered.

Programme made us to realize the value of life

Very well conducted programme

Very informative programme

Joyful learning

Very practical programme

Not only theory, but very practical programme

Lot to learn

Very useful games

I will maintain your words that ‘I am your disciple’

Explained in detail

Every word was good. He has answered our questions in detail.

Very good knowledge (of the faculty)

He took the people along

I am very happy with the programme

Lots of Take Aways (from the programme)

More informative programme

Most needed programme

Very interactive programme

Appropriate examples

You connected so quickly…”

– Kennametal India Ltd., Bengaluru