Stress Management

Soft Skills

Stress is a major reason for decreased performance and also for a number of diseases.  A person under stress experiences a host of problems  like confused thinking, irritability, lack of concentration and memory power.   Most of the stress is self-created and hence is self-curable.  This training programme gives effective and practical guidelines to manage stress and perform at the best in the work place.

Course Contents:

  1. Definition of ‘Stress’
  2. Identification and symptoms of stress
  3. Harmful effects of stress on the performance, attitude and health
  4. Stress inducing factors in an organization
  5. Stress related diseases
  6. Practical guidelines to combat stress at workplace
  7. Stress management and work culture. How to create a stress – free culture by sound interpersonal relations (with superiors, colleagues and sub-ordinates), empathy, collective working, positive attitude and self motivation
  8. Stress Management techniques – food habits, physical exercises, planning, positive attitude, breathing techniques, cheerfulness, music, socializing, nature watching, relaxation, assertiveness and other life styles to be adopted for management of stress
  9. Achieving the work – life balance
  10. Interdependence of time management and stress management
  11. How to manage stress during working hours and in spare time ?(when you havea few minutes at your disposal)
  12. Drawing up a concrete action plan for stress management at workplace and family
  • Effective training techniques
  • Participative and interactive programme
  • Average Rating given by the participants: +9
  • Contents can be customized to your needs

Opinions of our clients

“…It was indeed a great experience to go through your 2 day workshop on ‘Stress Management’.  I fall short of words to give you a feedback.  For some one of your stature and experience, ‘Excellent’ should have become a routine.  Yes, it was an excellent experience for our participants.  All of them felt that, in your delivery, there was lot ‘Depth’ rather than just ‘Length’ and ‘Breadth’ one gets to experience in some of the Training Programmes these days.  Every individual had lot of praise for you and felt that everything you said came from tons of experience…”

– Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

“…The Training Programme on ‘Stress Management’ conducted by you for our senior executives was found very effective and useful.  The explanations on stressful factors both in professional and personal life were found very relevant.  The practical exercises which could be done at home and even at work place for managing stress were found very useful.  The review program held by you reinforced the concepts and the practice in an effective way.  The Audio Cassette provided by you both for physical exercises and relaxation techniques are really an asset in this direction.  We wish to place on record our sincere thanks for the success of this programme and helping our executives to manage their stress…”

– Tata Unisys Ltd.

“…The two days ‘Stress Management’ Training Programme was indeed a unique learning experience.  Let me express my gratitude for the minute care that you had taken to make the programme a useful one for the senior management team and their families…”

– Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd.

“…The Training Programme for our Senior Management Team ie. ‘Stress Analysis and Stress Management’ was excellent and our team is extremely happy about the usefulness and practicality of the programme.  Thank you very much for the excellent help / participation in design and delivery of our Executive and Management Development Programmes.  Your successful delivery of these programmes in seven geographical locations has won the appreciation of all the participants.  The Training Programmes have been very well received and are appreciated by one and all…”

– Digital Equipment (India) Ltd.

“…We would like to express our deep gratitude to you for having been amidst us at the HR Seminar and addressed the teaching faculty on the topic ‘Stress Management’.   The sessions were extremely enriching as it gave the participants an insight into life coping mechanisms.  The faculty and the students have shown a positive response to the sessions as the topics covered were pertinent to life and living in the present scenario.  We are extremely grateful to you for having come to our Institute and spent two days with us at the seminar.  We are deeply indebted to you for your support and guidance and look forward to having constant association with you…”

– School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya

“…All our executives who attended the programme expressed that your speech, command over the language and demonstration on Yoga was very interesting and highly appreciable.  The participants valued your programme as an excellent presentation and the credit goes to you for having designed this programme according to the needs of the industry…”

– Ashok Group Hotels

“…The Training Programmes conducted by M/s Unique Consultants, Bengaluru (India) were very well received by our employees.  The Training Programmes had excellent course contents, very effective presentation and appropriate case studies and games to drive home the points very powerfully and impactfully.  The participants have got immensely benefitted by the Training Programmes and have expressed great appreciation for the same.  We are extremely delighted about the effectiveness of these Training Programmes…”

– Rukun Al Yaqeen Internatinal L.L.C., Muscat, Oman