Happy Family Life

Soft Skills

The family life of an employee has a great impact on his professional life.  It is rightly said, ‘A domestic disharmony can lead to a corporate calamity!’.  This programme gives valuable inputs to lead a happy family life and dwells on husband-wife relationship, art of parenting and other aspects of family life.

Course Contents:

A. Husband – wife relationship:

  1. Qualities for mutually satisfying and rewarding relationship between Husband & Wife –Trust, belief, empathy, synergy, win-win relationship, sense of appreciation, care and concern, affection, honesty, loyalty, etc.
  2. Developing physical, mental, intellectual, social and emotional compatibility between husband and wife
  3. Communication between Husband-Wife: open and transparent communication, giving and receiving feedback, assertiveness, expressing opinions (instead of suppressing), cordiality
  4. Rediscovering the relationship between Husband and Wife and rejuvenating it from time to time
  5. Avoiding the attitude and behaviors which affect the relationship between Husband and Wife like cynicism, sarcastic remarks, fault finding, arguments, rumor believing, passive aggression, ego, jealousy, anger, irritability, greed, etc.
  6. Spending quality time with the spouse
  7. Achieving Work-Life balance
  8. Family Finance Management

B. Art of Parenting:

  1. Molding the character of children – Parents becoming role models, inculcating morals, values, ethics, etiquette, discipline and social norms in the children
  2. Giving attention to the education of the children
  3. Inculcating self confidence in the children
  4. Balancing the academic excellence and social skills of children
  5. Understanding the generation gap, changed value systems, sense of priorities and belief system of present generation
  6. Developing the ‘Emotional Quotient (EQ)’ of children apart from ‘Intelligence Quotient (IQ)’
  7. Development of overall personality of children (i.e. Physical, Mental, Intellectual, Emotional and Social aspects of children’s personality)
  8. Giving freedom to children with responsibility

C. Stress Management and Health:

  1. Recognizing the stress-inducing situations in the family and developing proactive measures to avoid them
  2. Developing stress managing techniques through positive life styles, planning, organizing, dietary habits, physical exercises, yoga, slow breathing, relaxation techniques, music, meditation, mental imagery techniques, hobbies and pastimes, nature watching, social service, developing positive mental attitude, cheerfulness, sense of humor, participating in outings and social gatherings.
  • Effective training techniques
  • Participative and interactive programme
  • Average Rating given by the participants: +9
  • Contents can be customized to your needs

Opinions of our clients

“…We are enormously glad to learn from the feedback that your programme on ‘Family-Place to live your life happily’ was an eye opener for them.  As we got feedback from both employees and their spouse on the program, we found out that the participants felt that the programme is useful to enjoy the rest of their family life…”

– Cadbury India Ltd.,

“…The difficult topic ‘Balancing of professional life and personal life’  was very well handled making the understanding easy for the participants with the use of caricatures and well thought out games in bringing out the concepts.  The practical examples and interactions made the programme all the more interesting for the participants…”


“…The training programme on ‘Happy Family Life’ was extremely well received.  The invaluable inputs and the training methodology were highly innovative and was very useful to develop the overall personality.  We appreciate the effort and techniques of Mr. Aswatha Ramaiah for making the programme very successful…”

– Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

“…We are pleased to communicate a very positive feedback on the one day ‘Jeevanotsava Programme’ for our employees’ spouses conducted by you.  We appreciate your involvement and facilitation which made the intervention a success…”

– SKF India Ltd.

“…Your  programme on ‘Happy Family Life’ was received extremely well by all.  The programme was very interesting, informative and interactive.  The message has definitely added the required icing for the happiness in the family life.  The examples narrated were thought-provoking and experiential…”

– Aditya Birla group

“…The programme was conducted in such a way that the faculty has covered all the aspects that are required to be taken care of by Husband and Wife to make the life meaningful.  The message was well received by the participants and they have expressed their total agreement with the trainer’s message and promised to make a shift in their focus for a ‘Change’.  The programme was very much successful and all the participants expressed to participate similar programmes in the days to come…”

 – Bhagavathi Properties Pvt.Ltd.

“…The programme was well received and was found to be very effective and useful.  The participants expressed great satisfaction on the manner in which they conducted the programme.  The audio visual presentations, the examples drawn from day to day life, songs and other effective and innovative training techniques were adopted which received great appreciation from the participants…”

– Jubilant Organosys Ltd.,

“…The programme had lots of useful points for leading a happy family life.  The principles, examples and guidelines given by him were interesting and relevant.  It was a very interactive and useful programme…”

– Pathi Group

“…The training programme on ‘Happy family life – Towards success and satisfaction’ was very effective and useful and gave valuable insights into the importance of happy family life, tips for good husband-wife relationship and many other aspects of harmonious family life.  The techniques used by him are simple, down-to-earth and easily practicable…”

– Agro Biochem (India) Pvt. Ltd.

“…The feedback is extremely encouraging, sparking a healthy competition amongst the participants to nominate their spouses for the programme.  Your training methodology/aids and your personal involvement has made the programme effective and useful…”

– Vikrant Tyres Ltd.

“…The Training Program on ‘Happy Family Life’ conducted by M/s. Unique Consultants, Bengaluru was extremely well received by the participants.  From the Training Programme, our employees received very important and valuable guidelines for developing exemplary Husband-Wife Relationship and Art of Parenting.  In these days of jet speed and increasing challenges of family life, this Training Programme was an eye opener and the need of the hour.

From the Training Programme, we could gather that M/s. Unique Consultants have put in a lot of effort to understand the challenges faced by families in the modern times and have done extensive research on Husband-Wife Relationship and Art-of-Parenting.  Through these meaningful programmes, they are truly adding a lot of value and quality to family life and the parenting skills of employees of organizations.

We would recommend this Programme to every family wherein it would definitely help employees not only to improve their quality of family life, but also their productivity and contribution towards the growth and development of an Organization…”

– Kemwell Biopharma Pvt. Ltd.

“…Mr.Aswatha Ramaiah keptthe audience glued to his humorous yet knowledgeable talk on the topic, enlightening them about the fact that domestic disharmony can lead to serious corporate calamity…”

– News paper ‘City Today’, Mysore

(on the Training Programme organized by CII)

“…The lecture on ‘Happy Family Life’ was extremely effective, interesting and relevant.  The faculty gave very practical guidelines for the couples to lead a happy family life based on mutual understanding, love, affection and art of partnering. Our members and their spouses listened to this mesmerizing talk with rapt attention.  He was able to generate tremendous interest, excellent rapport and high appreciation from the audience gathered in large numbers. As this programme received an alround applause from the members for an impeccable way of communicating,we have decided to invite and organize many of his lectures and Training Programmes in future for our members…”

– Karnataka Sangha Qatar

“…The Training session on ‘Happy Family Life & Positive Life Styles’ conducted for our employees’ spouses (numbering around 100) was simply superb. No words can explain the terrific way in which the faculty captured the audience with extraordinary presentation skills and vast knowledge on the subject.

The session was a mental feast for the participants with extremely thought-provoking tips for leading a Happy Family Life and to inculcate positive life styles. Every minute of the session was cheered by the audience due to the mesmerizing capability of the faculty to explain the concepts in a very practical manner with day today examples…”

– Kesoram Industries Ltd.

(Unit of Vasavadatta Cement)

“…We conducted Training Programme on ‘Happy Family Life’ by M/s. Unique Consultants, Bengaluru at Chennai, Gurgaon, Pune, Ahmedabad and Bengaluru.

The spouses who attended the Training Programmes appreciated the inputs they received in regard to Husband-Wife Relationship, Art of Parenting, Personality Development, Self-Motivation, Positive Attitude, etc. In their feedback they informed that the Training Programmes will go a long way in making their family life much more enjoyable and meaningful.

These Training Programmes conducted for the spouses have resulted in a great deal of loyalty and belongingness of the employees for the organization. The spouses felt very grateful to the organization for this initiative. At every location (where Training Programmes were conducted), we have received overwhelming positive response from the spouses. We recommend that many more organizations should utilize the incredible knowledge, expertise and experience of M/s. Unique Consultants in conducting Training Programmes for employees, spouses. We find that this is one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate that the organization cares for not only the employees, but also for their families…”

– MMC Hardmetal India Pvt. Ltd.

“…The session on ‘Happy Family Life’ conducted by M/s. Unique Consultants, Bengaluru was exceptionally well received. Our Executives and Spouses who attended the programme found it very impactful, thought-provoking and useful. The faculty gave extremely valuable guidelines on Husband-Wife relationship, Art of parenting, Positive Life Style and Personality Development. The subject knowledge of the faculty is amazing, the Presentation Skills are awesome and the Training Methodology was astonishing. The faculty built an excellent rapport with the audience and answered their questions extremely convincingly.

We recommend that many more companies should conduct Training Programmes on ‘Happy Family Life’ from M/s. Unique Consultants, Bengaluru and reap the great benefits therefrom…”

– Weir Flow Control India

  • Nice programme

  • The Training Programme has made us to know the reality of life. The programme was very good and effective with lot of examples.

  • The programme was very interactive

  • Really good programme. It is very useful.

  • Excellent programme

  • Programme was very informative

– Ajax Fiori Engineering (India) Pvt. Ltd.

“…The Training Programme on ‘Happy Family Life and Positive Life Style’ by M/s. Unique Consultants Bengaluru for the families of our employees was simply superb, fantastic and marvelous.  With incredible knowledge on the subject and extraordinary presentation skills, the faculty mesmerized and enthralled the audience with valuable inputs on Happy Family Life and Positive Lifestyle.  The faculty’s training methodology and rapport with the audience is awesome and amazing.

Every moment of the Training Programme was an experience and memorable due to the profound concepts, examples and anecdotes quoted by the faculty which left the audience spellbound.  We are impressed beyond words about the impact the Training Programme had on the families of our employees and we look forward to many more such wonderful programmes from M/s. Unique Consultants…”

– Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Ltd.

“…M/s Unique Consultants, Bengaluru have conducted two Training Programmes on ‘Happy Family Life’ for about 175 persons comprising of the families of our well-wishers, social circles and our employees.

The Training Programmes were fantastic and extraordinary.  The programmes had very valuable inputs on Husband-Wife relationship, Art of parenting, Work-Life balance, Self Development, Stress Management and such other issues which are very essential to lead a happy family life.

The faculty enthralled the participants with his invincible knowledge on the subject, captivating presentation skills and exemplary rapport with the participants.  The programme was interspread with a number of games, activities, examples, anecdotes etc.  which rendered it thoroughly thought-provoking, practical and enjoyable.  The audience were spell bound and the programmes had deep impact on them.

M/s. Unique Consultants, Bengaluru are doing monumental service in educating the couples to lead a blissful family life which is the need-of-the-hour.  We recommend that organizations should conduct their high-impact and superb Training Programmes on ‘Happy Family Life’…”

– MACHO Engineering Industries

  • It is one of the best programme attended

  • Great programme

  • Too good a programme to hear and watch

  • An essential programme for all families

  • Explanation thro’ examples and pictures were more appealing

  • Programme has given an insightful knowledge on ‘Relationships’

  • Great, pleasurable programme

  • Due to this programme, the life and childrens’ future will be good

  • All the points in the programme are effective

  • Professional approach to achieve family- life balance

  • It is difficult to communicate to our spouse although we know the family values. But, today, as a couple we learnt the values.

  • Quite an informative and useful programme

  • Simple examples and easily implementable concepts were explained

  • Inspiring programme

  • The programme made us comfortable

  • Training gave more importance to ethics and simplicity

  • Interactive programme

  • Good programme to enjoy family life

– Minda Industries Ltd.