Finance Management (by employees)

Soft Skills

One of the major concerns for employees is their Financial Planning.  They need to manage their expenses within the income and have good financial discipline.  They need to plan in advance for the education and manage their children.  They have to save for a rainy day (unexpected financial problems).  They need to invest wisely and also plan for their retirement, well in advance.  They also have to plan their taxes, insurances and other finance related activities.

This Training Programme has been exclusively customized to educate and sensitize the employees on these very important aspects enabling them to manage their finances very effectively and wisely.  The Training Programme will be very informative and useful to the participants.

Course Contents:

A. Importance of Financial Planning:

  • Managing the expenses effectively through proper financial planning
  • Improving the overall Financial well – being at every stage of life
  • Risk management tools for the family’s financial safety
  • Ensuring better standard of living and sustaining good lifestyle
  • Leading a stress-free and peaceful life from the finance perspective

B. Consequences of not planning the finances:

  • Serious mental worries affecting the peace of mind
  • Not achieving the financial goals
  • Affecting the children’s education and other events
  • Getting into a vicious cycle of debts and financial difficulties which may affect the cordial family life and the relationship among family members

C. Developing saving habits:

  • Saving in the right and safe financial instruments
  • Saving for establishing safety net for a rainy day(unexpected financial problems)
  • Proper asset allocation and liquidity
  • Not getting tempted by unregistered chits and fraudulents ; Avoiding borrowing money from lenders unreasonably(at high interest rates)

D. Tax planning:

  • Smart and effective way of paying less tax, but in accordance with the Government regulations
  • Choosing the right financial product

E. Financial Discipline:

  • Ensuring monthly savings ; Managing the expenses after keeping aside the savings
  • Writing the Income and Expenses statement on a weekly basis and review the same regularly
  • Setting the priorities right to maintain a healthy and meaningful life without undue provocation to buy materialistic items
  • Having competent financial advisor for the family
  • Avoiding the greed to earn more money by lending money to get more interest rates

F. Planning children’s education and marriage:

  • Planning for education of children which has, now-a-days, become very expensive
  • Choosing the right financial scheme meant for children
  • Starting early ; Getting the best results by planning when the child is less than year’s age
  • Nominating the right family member

G. Retirement Planning:

  • Avoiding psychological scare of getting aged
  • Avoiding dependence on children and thereby avoiding facing awkward situations after retirement
  • Starting retirement plan early so that one can retire comfortably and peacefully
  • Effective training techniques
  • Participative and interactive programme
  • Average Rating given by the participants: +9
  • Contents can be customized to your needs