Facing the Audits

Soft Skills

This training programme aims to enable the participants to face the various audits confidently and ensure that the audits are successful.

Course Contents

The distinguishing features of Pharmaceutical Industry will be highlighted and the importance and significance of Audits will be emphasized.  The competencies and skills required by the participants will be categorized in 3 heads and the necessary inputs will be given under each head.

1. Physical and material aspects:

  • Arranging the necessary items, gadgets, equipments, samples, documents in advance
  • Etiquette, courtesy and pleasing manners to be displayed during Audit

2. Mental and intellectual aspects:

  • Getting mentally prepared to answer FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) of the Auditor
  • Developing listening skills
  • Being assertive while communicating with the Auditor (neither submissive nor aggressive)
  • Clarity in thought and expression during the Audit
  • Inculcating proactivity rather than reactivity
  • Enhancing memory power and concentration
  • Precisely understanding the Auditor’s questions
  • Self confidence while communicating with the Auditor
  • Effective oral communication skills – structure and sequencing, eye contact, voice modulation, seeking feedback, body language, pacing and pausing of words and phrases, summarizing
  • Leaving a good impression with the Auditor
  • Inculcating technical knowledge / competence for facing the Audits
  • Studying the body language of the Auditor and interpreting it with a view to communicate effectively
  • Taking right decision during pre and post Audit phase

3. Emotional Aspects:

  • Taking the comments and findings of the Auditor objectively; not becoming sensitive or reactive
  • Displaying honesty and integrity during the Audits
  • Avoiding manipulations or distortions in records, documents and communications
  • Being transparent, open-minded, upfront and candid while facing the Audits
  • Controlling negative emotions like anger, frustration, nervousness, inferiority complex, ego, etc., during interactions with the Auditor
  • Developing empathy with the Auditor, looking things from Auditor’s point of view
  • Effective training techniques
  • Participative and interactive programme
  • Average Rating given by the participants: +9
  • Contents can be customized to your needs

Opinions of our clients

“…M/s. Unique Consultants have conducted Training Programmes on ‘Facing the Audits’. The programme was very effectively focused and formulated to enable the employees to face the Audits confidently. The programmes were very well received. The feedbacks received were consistently above 4.5 (on a scale of 5, with 5 being the highest). This is a testimony of the impact the Training Programme have made on the participants. The videography session, role plays, case studies, games, practical exercises etc. were very well thought of and drove the concepts very powerfully. Many participants expressed that, after attending the Training Programme, they are much more confident to face audits at their work place…”

– Biocon Ltd., Bengaluru

“…The Training Programme on ‘Forcing The Audits’ conducted by M/s.Unique Consultants for our employees was extremely well received. The Training Programme has been customized for the employees who face audits in Pharmaceutical Industry. The contents, training techniques on methodology were very relevant. The videography session was particularly effective since it clearly captured the Dos and Dont’s to be followed by the employees while facing the Audit. The employees who underwent the Training Programme are now very confident to face the Audits in a professional and systematic manner with great courage and confidence…”

– Micro Labs Ltd., Bengaluru