5s principles of House Keeping

Soft Skills

Implementing 5s principles of House Keeping at workplace ensures systematic and organized working thereby enhancing productivity. It reduces the idle time of machines, processing time and non-value adding activities (like searching, waiting, etc.,) It makes the workplace neat and clean without any unnecessary items littered around.  The concept of ‘Place for Everything and Everything in its Place (PEEP)’ ensures that all items, tools, equipments are in their proper places and there is no wastage of time in searching. Implementing 5s enhances the safety at workplace thereby reducing the injuries and accidents.  All these reduce the cost of production and processing cost.

By implementation of 5s, the Workplace Organization and Work Discipline become much better improving the aesthetics and visual appeal at workplace.  5s principles show out the abnormalities conspicuously helping to eliminate the abnormalities. All these factors enhance the Top Line (Sale) and Bottom Line (Profits) of the organization apart from improving the job satisfaction and overall wellbeing of Workers, Operators and Front Line Supervisors.  It also enhances the motivation/moral of employees and quality of work thereby improving the quality of products, services, reputation and image of the company.

Implementing 5s Principles of Housekeeping is possibly one of the simplest and the surest initiative of an organization with least possible costs which can result in an imminent and incredible benefits to the organization and the workers and employees.

This Training Programme has been customized to give effective guidelines to implement 5s by Workers, Operators and Front Line Supervisors.  The Programme will be very effective, result-oriented, practical, innovative, interactive and participative.

Course Contents:

  1. Understanding the concept of 5s principles of House Keeping
  2. Achieving enhanced productivity through implementation of 5s
  3. Improving Workplace Organization and Workplace Discipline by 5s implementation
  4. Developing the right Attitude and Behaviour to implement 5s at workplace
  5. Concepts of ‘Place for Everything and Everything in its Place (PEEP)’, ‘First In First Out (FIFO)’
  6. Role of 5s in improving safety and preventing injuries and accidents
  7. Standardization, Rationalization, Systematization and Workplace improvement due to 5s implementation
  8. Conducting 5s Audits and suggesting improvements
  9. Liberation of space, improving the aesthetics and visual appeal at workplace due to 5s implementation
  10. Visual Management through Colour Indicators, Symbols, Pictographs, Markings, Labelling etc.
  11. Achieving Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) thro’ 5S implementation
  12. Reduction of inventories, Downtimes, Process Time, Reaction Time and unnecessary manual efforts by 5s
  13. Importance of continuous training in 5S concepts
  14. Improved Documentation, Traceability and Retrievability by 5S implementation
  15. Ensuring prompt delivery of materials and services to customers by 5S implementation
  16. Sustaining 5S on a long term basis and making 5S as the culture of the organisation
  • Effective training techniques
  • Participative and interactive programme
  • Average Rating given by the participants: +9
  • Contents can be customized to your needs

Opinions of our clients

“…M/s.  Unique Consultants have conducted 5S activities for our employees.  The programmes were found very effective and useful.  The presentation and examples were extremely good,  simple in understanding and could be easily implemented without incurring any additional expenses and, in some cases, with minimum expenditure.  The programmes were also very participative and interactive in nature.  They have been able to customize the training programmes to suit our specific needs.  In addition, suitable posters were designed to suit our Shop Floor needs.  The team in Unique Consultants is committed to their work and are readily available for any clarification or consultation.  During the course of 5S Training Programmes and related activities, we were associated with Mr.  Aswatha Ramaiah and his team for almost six months and we found them to be effective…”

– M/s.  Arvind Fashions

“…M/s.  Unique Consultants were actively involved in training on 5S.  They have formulated customized Training Programmes.  M/s.  Unique Consultants have demonstrated exemplary competence and commitment in all the above activities.  They have carried out the above initiatives with great professionalism and dedication.  We have received excellent feedback from our employees on their training programmes.  We strongly recommend their services to any organization which would like to get trained on 5S in their organization…”

– M/s.  Lapp India Pvt. Ltd.

“… M/s.  Unique Consultants, Bengaluru have conducted Training Programme for approx. 500 employees of our House Keeping.  We have been greatly benefitted by the various initiatives taken by M/s.  Unique Consultants.  We greatly appreciate the commitment and dedication of M/s.  Unique Consultants in all the assignments given to them. They also customized the training programmes to suit our specific needs.  The training techniques, methodology, course contents and the reviews (to assess the implementation) adopted by them are effective and they have been change agents for our employees.  They have established a very good rapport with our employees and have won their admiration…”

– M/s.  Manipal Hospital

“…We express our sincere gratitude for initiating the 5S practices and implementation in our company.  We thank you for bringing a changed look of our premises and change in our outlook towards work environment.  We pledge, with necessary guidance from you, to sustain and maintain or better the changes brought out…”

– M/s.  Nagel Special Machines Pvt. Ltd.

“…M/s. Unique Consultants have imparted training and implemented 5S in our Goa Plant which is very commendable…”

– M/s.  Micro Labs Ltd.