Managerial Effectiveness

Soft Skills

Being ‘Effective’ is to produce results.  Today, the responsibility of every employee is all about to achieve the set targets of quality, timelines and other parameters.  Results will come only when a number of skills are imbibed and skills are put to use in an intelligent, wise and co-ordinated manner.  Just hard work does not produce results.  The efforts should be focused and directed intelligently in the proper direction to achieve the results.  An employee will, in this competitive era, be judged based on the results he produces.  This training programme bestows the employee the requisite skills, wisdom and attitude need to be effective (ie., result-oriented).

Course Contents:

A. Result-orientation:

  • Importance of job knowledge and work skills in achieving the result.
  • Articulating the various resources – men(sometimes may be the employee himself), materials, processes, time, efforts – to produce the result
  • Significance of planning, organizing, co-ordinating, controlling and maintaining to achieve the set targets.
  • Need to apply mid-course corrections, if any, to achieve the results
  • Importance to perform only value added activities and keep away non value-adding ones to be result-oriented.

B. Self Motivation and Positive Attitude:

  • Being motivated at all times in the journey towards achieving results
  • Keeping high level of morale even under most adverse situations
  • Managing failures(without getting demoralized and demotivated)
  • Inculcating hope, optimism and positive attitude to achieve the results
  • Developing a ‘Never give up’ attitude
  • ‘Self Motivation’ and ‘Positive Attitude’ viewed as twin pillars to inculcate effectiveness

C. Time Management

  • Importance of ‘Time’ – its role in ‘Effectiveness’
  • Rationing of time – ‘Urgent’ and ‘Important’ work
  • Identifying and eliminating time wasters
  • Prioritizing and structuring the time
  • How to do more in less time to achieve the results

D. Team Building

  • The team concept, its importance and advantages in the backdrop of effectiveness
  • Team spirit inculcating factors, collective problem-solving
  • Role and responsibilities of team leader and team members
  • Synergy
  • Characteristics of an effective, high performance team
  • Participative decision making
  • Win-win relationship

E. Interpersonal Relationship

  • Sound relations – a necessary tool for success
  • Factors that threaten relationships and how to overcome them
  • Tips for maintaining good interpersonal relationship with subordinates, peers and superiors
  • Personal integrity, character, openness, ethics and morale-basis for good human relations
  • Conflict management

F. Communication Skills

  • Effectiveness in communication
  • The communication cycle
  • Need for effective communication
  • Hazards of communication gap
  • Clarity in communication
  • Focus on the listener
  • Communication effectivety check list
  • Tips for effective communication
  • Body language, judging other person’s mind by his gestures, use of appropriate gestures in a given situation
  • Listening skills

G. Creativity:

  • Developing divergent thinking
  • Stimulating the right brain
  • Generating new ideas
  • Eliminating rigid mindset and preconceived notions
  • Wild guessing and ‘off-beat’ thinking
  • Inculcating innovation
  • Mental Imageries
  • Unlearning
  • Developing mental innocence and spontaneity
  • Flexibility and adaptability in thinking
  • Shattering the patterns of mind
  • Channelizing creative power for constructive purposes

H. Emotional Quotient

  • Importance of emotions
  • Using emotions intelligently
  • Avoiding emotions that hijack logics and reason
  • Avoiding emotional leakage
  • Developing positive emotions
  • Controlling negative emotions like anger, jealousy, ego, inferiority complex, fear, etc.,
  • Channelizing emotions constructively for the benefit of self and others
  • Self awareness and self regulation
  • Comfort with people
  • Effective training techniques
  • Participative and interactive programme
  • Average Rating given by the participants: +9
  • Contents can be customized to your needs